Norbert Egger & His City Blues Connection and Natural Blues - The Blues Standard Series, Vol. 2 (Single)

(Released: July 14th 2022)



Single The Blues Standard Series, Vol. 2 - Side A: Sunday Kind OF Love / Side B: Dust My Broom (Instrumental)

This is the second release in The Blues Standards Series - and includes new arrangements by Norbert Egger of two great standards: Norbert Egger and his City Blues Connection featuring Anne Bischow (vocals) with A Sunday Kind Of Love  and Norbert Egger and his Natural Blues featuring Steve Baker (Blues harp) with an instrumental version of great Blues standard Dust My Broom. The music has been recorded during sessions in Austria, Switzerland and Germany in May 2022.

With the new release, Norbert Egger and his bands features two exceptional artists:

Anne Bischow, accompanied by the Rhythm & Blues Big Band City Blues Connection, can be heard singing on the great soul and blues standard A Sunday Kind Of Love. The great classic, also known from Etta James, has been rearranged for this release with a horn section.

The young singer Anne Bischow was selected by Norbert Egger because of her excellent singing with her spectrum from sensitive to powerful singing in a casting from over 50 singers in 2020. In the context of the joint performance at the producer's 50th stage anniversary, several titles were recorded, which are to be released this year.

With the B-side song Natural Blues features Blues harp top star Steve Baker together with Norbert Egger and his slide guitar in a wild instrumental version of the blues classic Dust My Broom.

The two musicians have known each other since the 1980s, when they performed together at various sessions in Hamburg.

Born and raised in London, England, Steve has for many years lived near Hamburg, Germany and has been a full time professional since 1975. Steve has developed an instantly recognizable and highly musical style which is both expressive and lyrical, characterized by his subtle, rhythmically accented phrasing. His unique sound draws on the blues harmonica tradition and combines it with elements from country, folk, funk, soul and jazz to create an exciting and individual fusion, with an emotional intensity which finds its way straight to the hearts of his listeners.

He has influenced a generation of younger players and is often regarded as one of those musicians who have revitalized the instrument in Europe, and as one of its leading exponents worldwide. He has made hundreds of recordings as a studio musician in Germany and beyond and can be heard on a wide variety of CD, film and TV productions. 

In recognition of his longstanding work in the service of the harmonica, Steve Baker was presented with the Pete Pedersen Lifetime Achievement Award by the American SPAH Association in summer 2019.

City Blues Connection, founded by Norbert Egger in 1979 today is The Rhythm & Blues Big Band. Natural Blues is the Blues formation created in Hamburg by Norbert Egger in 1982.


Catalog number: AAA-2022-0008

EAN (Vinyl Single): 0791732582727

EAN (Online Bundle): 0791732582734




Side A: A Sunday Kind Of Love 03:10


Anne Bischow: Vocals

Antonio Brazalez: Trombone

Benny Brown: Trumpet

Florian Kemper: Guitar

Florian Speth: Drums

Kurt Gersdorf: Saxophone

Norbert Egger: Arrangement, Artistic Producer

Lutz Krajenski: Hammond Organ

Uwe Seemann: E-Bass


Side B: Dust My Broom (Instrumental) 02:32

Steve Baker: Blues Harp

Andy Winkler: Piano

Michael Alf: Piano 

Norbert Egger: Slide Guitar, E-Bass, Drums, Arrangement, Artistic Producer 


Total Time 05:42


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